Ghost Weeder

Josh came home from work today to find a couple of neat piles of pulled crabgrass sitting on our sidewalk…seriously!

Not quite sure which of our neighbors was ‘nice’ enough to help us with our sidewalk maintenance, but I have to say that ‘nice’ was not the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the piles.

I am very offended! First of all, I thought we were all adults here. If you have a problem with how we are maintaining our property just knock on my door. Second, pretty much everyone in the neighborhood has said how much better our yard looks now. We have planted flowers where the waist high weed patch used to be, pulled out the dead/dying trees, and actually fertilized the lawn. My apologies if we haven’t purchased a sidewalk edger yet, but our money tree hasn’t quite grown to maturity!!

Rude neighbor, if you’d like to buy us a sidewalk edger we’d happily accept the housewarming gift.

Side Note: Josh does recognize that the sidewalk edges aren’t to his standards, but until he gets the proper tools they aren’t going to look as great as they could.


3 responses to “Ghost Weeder”

  1. unc'tj says :

    Jayne, You may be right, but perhaps consider the neighbor was truly helping out because they knew you did not have an edger and did not want to make a big deal about it. If that is the case, then I would leave the yard for them to mow, snow to remove, cars to wash, dog to…..;=)

  2. Nick says :

    Wow…I agree with Jayne. If they had good intentions they would not have left the pile of crab grass there to be discovered. I say you do some investigating. Ask your more friendly neighbor if they have had such an occurance. Maybe scope out other sidewalks and if one is neat and proper, they would be my first suspect!

  3. Carol says :

    Edgers are nice but not a must as long as the lawn is kept mown and maintained in other ways.

    Don’t bother the neighbors – it really isn’t a problem at this point and you might make it a ‘problem’. If it happens again or something like that (as long as it isn’t dog dodo) – why don’t you put out a little ‘thank you’ sign!

    Grandma K.

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