Well, we’ve had our townhouse on the market since April…that’s approximately 5 months, if you’re counting! The two mortgage thing isn’t fun and we happened to stumbled into the perfect month to month rental situation with someone comfortable with us keeping the townhouse on the market and everything that comes with that (open houses, private showing, staging, etc). Lease signed, deposit received, townhouse ready for a renter on September 1. WRONG! An unforeseen circumstance smacked us  in the face today and we may not have that renter after all.

It’s pity party tonight at the Oswald’s,  but tomorrow is a new day. Send positive thoughts, energy, and prayers our way and spread the word on our super cute townhouse!


4 responses to “Ugh…frustrated!”

  1. Heather says :

    Keep your head up. Something will happen soon. I know exactly how you feel, we are in the same boat and two mortgages have not been fun. Everything will fall into place, sorry you are bummed:(

  2. Julie says :

    This is horrible news! Sorry to hear! I will say a little prayer for the Oswalds and keep my ears open for possible renters/buyers. 😦

  3. buntens says :

    Sorry. I’ll try to do better next time.

  4. Karen says :

    Ugh! What a bummer!

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