Back Me Up Friends!

I’ve been trying to convince Josh that we need to invest in an external hard drive to back up our computers. My ‘nagging’ has gotten more frequent since our laptop has been acting up the last couple of months…I’ve got hundreds of dollars of music on that laptop that I do not want to pay to replace! With over 8G of music and TV episodes a flash drive just isn’t adequate. Plus, we’ve got years worth of pictures, banking items, and condo association information to save as well.

For under $100 we could protect over $100 worth of music and priceless photo memories!


9 responses to “Back Me Up Friends!”

  1. The Oswald's says :

    My solution is purchasing a box of floppies and calling it good.


  2. Heather says :

    Dear Josh,
    By the back up system. You are being cheap:)
    Your friend,

    Jayne, awesome blog……lets get everything backed up and do lunch!

  3. JT says :


    You are right. So right, in fact, that you shouldn’t even consider letting Josh veto such an important purchase. This is a no-brainer. CDs are not a viable backup alternative; they are notorious for write failures and shouldn’t be used to backup anything of value. Music and pictures need to be backed up on an external HDD.


  4. Jeff says :

    No brainer. Get one and get it fast. Go 1 TB. So cheap these days. You can get one for under 75 bucks. Check here… and here…. I like the Seagate I have. My Western Digital failed on me two years into owning it.

    Don’t dilly dally.

  5. Josh says :

    Let me be clear. I am not against purchasing an external hard drive. However, I am against owning two homes with two mortgages.


  6. buntens says :

    1. buy the external hard drive
    2. at least you have a renter!

  7. cindy says :

    It’s a MUST! We back up all our family photos and even put them on an online gallery. Don’t want to risk losing those important things. Buy. It. Now.

  8. Pa says :
    80 GB for everything but the pictures – $29!
    Snapfish for the pictures – Free!!

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