I hate…being the newbie

So, I love my new job and the challenges, adventures, newness, and people that come with it, but…I hate still being new enough now that I don’t know all the details and things that come with time. To top it off, I hate that I’m not perfect.

Being the newest member in the department I feel like I need to prove myself, show them that they hired the right person for the job, and just earn brownie points. I’ve had a couple of successful events and good ideas which have boosted me up the positive ladder, but I’ve also made mistakes which have brought me down the rungs just a bit. Not major mistakes, just part of the newbie learning curve, but they sure feel like mountains when I’m trying to prove myself! Slowly, but surely I’ll get the hang of it, I just wish it would come a little faster.

I hope I’m not the only one who feels that way…am I?!


3 responses to “I hate…being the newbie”

  1. Alyssa says :

    It is so funny that you say that! I think I am the same way but I stick out like a sore thumb down here. I don’t want to generalize but it appears that some people in my work place(s) don’t take much pride in their work. It kills me!!! I’m sure you are doing great things and don’t let it get you down! Everyone has a bad day now and then! Hugs!

  2. Carol says :

    Any mistake is, or can be, a learning experience. Acknowledge them and get over them. Easy for me to say since I was always perfect in all my jobs . . . . . . have Grandpa tell you some of our/my experiences when we were working for the same company.

    Grandma K.

  3. Nick says :

    All in time my friend….all in time

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