Real Housewives of NJ

Yes, I admit to watching Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo…I just can’t help myself! As Josh continually reminds me, it’s just a bunch of women fighting. I know, I know, but just can’t help myself! I tune in each week just to see what psychotic Danielle is going to do and say. It amazes me that she thinks she’s completely reasonable/sane and feels her life is so threatened by the other women (‘crazy’) that she has to hire body guards.

I know Bravo probably does a pretty good job of editing the tape to make her look especially crazy, but she is really out of control. Next week’s episode is going to be great. Theresa (my favorite) did do a decent job of egging on Danielle, but man, the previews with police cars, restraining orders, women dragging other women, and screaming…I can’t miss it!


One response to “Real Housewives of NJ”

  1. Really real housewife says :

    All those broads’ husbands are in the mafia. DUH. It can’t be more obvious than a series of Sopranos. The constant ribbing about “pigs”, “pork”, etc. Hello, pigs can EAT people, people.

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