Rhubarb and more!

We had the inspection on our new home last night (it went well!) and while we were waiting for the inspector to finish up we walked around the yard plotting what would be removed and transplanted. We found a wonderful surprise in the retaining wall planter area filled with weeds. Amongst the weeds was a patch of rhubarb and strawberries…I was too excited for words!

This instantly brings back fond memories of rhubarb picking with Dad and the pies and crisps that we turned those stalks into. Yippee, my own rhubarb patch!

We also met our neighbors who seem very nice. After learning we had a dog (they have a St. Bernard), they immediately exclaimed, “don’t put up a fence, it’s a dog park here!” Can’t wait to introduce Miss Zoey to her doggy neighbors!


4 responses to “Rhubarb and more!”

  1. Alyssa says :

    Oh I miss rhubarb so much! They have never heard of it down here! Isn’t that crazy? We used to pick it from my neighbors yard and chew on it all day…lol.

  2. Nick says :

    And the hits just keep on comin’! Thats exciting….I’m jealous! I am secretely going to steal all your rhubarb!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. Josh says :

    Perhaps a dessert of rhubarb and strawberries would be a nice combo. Hmmmmmmmmmm………….


  4. Cynthia says :

    Mmmm, rhubarb! I’ve been wanting my own plant for a few years but I just steal it from my neighbor! Well, she gives it to me and I make her pie crust in exchange.

    I’d wait on the “no fence” thing. You know what they say, “Great fences make great neighbors!”

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