Right of Passage

We bought our first mower this morning…we feel like adults now and Josh’s first real man toy!

It’s a Toro recycler (mulcher), personal pace self propel system…I’m not really sure what all that means (although the user does), but it’s supposed to be easy to mow which is all I care about. Best part, it was already assembled!

PS – We hands down recommend purchasing your next mower Ace Hardware in Coralville. When we went to Sears, the salespeople were just trying to sell a product and didn’t know anything about it. Ace answered all our questions and are very knowledgeable about the products they carry. Ask for Ray, he’ll take care of you. We’ll be heading back in the fall when we’re in the market for a snow blower!


3 responses to “Right of Passage”

  1. Carol says :

    Now you are learning what comes with homeownership – all kinds of new ways to spend money; lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc.

    The Toro is a beauty – red is one of my favorite colors.

    Grandma K.

  2. Cindy says :

    Ace is the Place. Wink.

  3. TJ says :

    I refuse to accept that a silly mower is Josh’s first man toy. However, this being a family site run by Jayne, I will not explain that he has had many man toys before this dangerous, loud, ozone-depleting object of labor that is used just to make the neighbors happy. And a snowblower for Pete’s sake! Use a shovel and get some pecs so you can haul a deer over your shoulder.

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