Secret #30

When it comes to specific things I have to do or places I have to be, I’m paranoid that I’ll have the wrong day/outfit/location/etc. I’ll provide examples just to clarify my level of psychosis:

1. I’ve got the volleyball schedule and I’ve marked all the dates in my calendar with reminders and everything. But I still text a teammate and verify that I’ve got the right time/date.

2. Today was the start of Casual Friday’s for the summer at work. I had discussed it several times with co-workers, printed out the schedule, and marked the dates in my calendar. This morning I was worried that I had the wrong day, wasn’t wearing the appropriate cashual attire, and would get sent home. AND the first person I saw when I walked in the building the morning was wearing hose, a skirt, and jacket!

I can change though…I’m terrified of being late, which makes me way too early for appointments at times and have gotten much better at this and tend to only be 5 minutes early or so now.


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