Shower Curtain…Check!

Check another item off the list for the house-that-we-don’t-have-yet! I finally found a shower curtain I love that isn’t $125. I first fell in love with the fabric that later became my most favorite Bagolita ever. This morning I stumbled upon it in the form of a shower curtain and immediately had to have it, my brother advised me not to get it…I ignored him.

When I showed Josh this morning he said, “great.” Then Nick replied with, “I tried to tell her not to get it.” To which Josh replied, “have you met your sister?!” At least people are finally understanding me…I think it helps keep my sanity during this rocky period of trying to sell a house and buy one at the same time.


3 responses to “Shower Curtain…Check!”

  1. Cynthia says :

    Did you really get that shower curtain? Where did you find it? So glad you kept that Bagolita. It was sewn especially for you with love…

  2. Carol says :

    Do you plan to use your Bagolita bag in the shower and is it waterproof? Or do you plan to use the shower curtain as a rain cape?

    Grandma K.

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