The Motorcade

Josh was at Perkins on 1st Avenue in Coralville to witness the presidential motorcade on its way to the Field House. As he was getting into his car to leave, a sheriff’s deputy came up to him and said he would have to stay until the motorcade passed.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get as good of photos as he would have liked. Regardless of who’s in the White House, Josh thought the whole thing was very impressive and glad he able to witness it.

Front of the motorcade


Middle of the motorcade passing


3 responses to “The Motorcade”

  1. Josh Oswald says :

    I have a friend that is a sheriff’s deputy reserve and he was on security-detail yesterday, just down the street from me! He caught this video of the motorcade with his cell phone, which he placed on the hood of his truck. (That is him in the video.) The video stops right at the 26th vehicle in the motorcade, but there were a few more behind it. It’s hard to tell, but the motorcade drove by pretty fast.


  2. unc'tj says :

    Jayne, was that a political comment you just made? hmmmm?

  3. Josh Oswald says :

    I forced her hand, uncle.


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