Grocery Shopping

I’m so excited…I have a meeting in Cedar Rapids tonight and will be doing my grocery shopping at Super Target!

I usually go to Fareway, I refuse to give my money to Wal-Mart (we’ll save the explanation for another day), Hy-Vee is tends to be expensive, and when I need non-grocery items I end up going to Target anyway. Why not make grocery shopping pure enjoyment at Super Target tonight. Oh, how I wish there was a Super Target in Coralville.

It’s the little things that put a smile on my face!

Update: I did not make it to Super Target. My meeting ran late and it was getting too close to closing time. Bummer…maybe next time.


4 responses to “Grocery Shopping”

  1. Mike says :

    That’s where the cool people shop! It doesn’t really count though if you go on the SW side of CR. NE is where it’s at!

  2. Josh Oswald says :

    Four of the wealthiest people in the world earned their billions from Wal-Mart:


  3. buntens says :

    The Wal-Mart billionair-ess also acquired her fortune due to her late husband investing in alternative energy…

    Until I get a raise, Target lowers their prices or pays me to shop there I will, unfortunately, be spending my hard-earned dollars at Wal-Mart. 😦

    There’s also too much to be distracted by (clothes, housewares) at Super Target. Wal-Mart’s stuff is crap. I’m there strictly for the groceries and household products.

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