Family Organization

Josh and I are both very organized people. Josh has a place for all his things and basically has his calendar memorized. I love to organize and create a calendars/lists for everything…gift giving, cooking/meal planning, work projects, etc. We’re having trouble syncing our own schedules. He has his meetings and activities and I’ve got my things, but we can never seem to get it together! 

I started with Google Calendar and love it. I can sync it to Outlook Calendar, my Blackberry Calendar, and Josh and I can see the other’s calendar. The problem, someone isn’t updating their calendar…notice there is no blue on this calendar!

What I really want is a message center like this one from Pottery Barn. A nice desk to blog/check email/write my grocery list at, with a calendar, storage, and message center all in one area. But, I don’t have room for that…maybe at my next house.

So, I’m going to try and re-purpose a dry erase board into a weekly calendar to list our activities, meetings, events, to-dos, etc to make our own message center. I’ll show you the end result soon.

How do you sync your schedule with your spouse, what’s the key?


6 responses to “Family Organization”

  1. Josh Oswald says :

    If by “memorized” you mean NOT memorized.


  2. Mom Oz says :

    Once in awhile technology can complicate your life when it is supposed to make it easier! Simplify! Tom may have his Blackberry now, & I have a planner, together we still use what we have used for all these years – a yearly calendar on the wall that we both write our appointments/meetings/activities on. Tom will admit that he forgets once in awhile (but not very often!) to write something down. But it has always worked well for us. Even when I was working part-time & our monthly calendar was jam packed with family activities. The best part? I have saved every calendar since 1983 (oh I wish I had earlier years!), our family history is right there!

  3. Nick says :

    I stay single! It works beautifuly!

  4. buntens says :

    I just write everything on our calendar in the kitchen. Mike hardly has plans and just goes where I tell him he needs to be when he needs to be there!

    • unc'tj says :

      Other than Nick, all of you are just too serious. I recommend being forgetful. It is the most fun because everything is new everyday, responsibility not necessary and it puts everything on my lovely wife. She gets a feeling of power with a touch of exasperation. I get to do what I want! Works well, guys. Just remember that it helps if you are not married, like Nick, or an empty-nester, like us.

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