Mystery Shirt

A couple of weeks ago, Josh received an Admiral Ackbar (from Star Wars) t-shirt in the mail. It was shipped directly from the t-shirt company so there was nothing to identify its purchaser.

Josh believes the shirt was sent by someone involved in the rather long Facebook discussion held a few weeks earlier featuring Admiral Ackbar and, “It’s a Trap!” It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the Admiral’s fingers are in a Chinese finger trap. 🙂

He’s gone through his list of guesses and still cannot find the sender…I wonder who it could be!


5 responses to “Mystery Shirt”

  1. Josh Oswald says :


  2. Tom says :

    The Shield is down! Commence attack on the Death star’s main reactor.

  3. Mom Oz says :

    It’s from Joe Biden.

  4. J.T. says :

    I think we should all be thankful that you didn’t choose being a detective as your chosen profession given your inability to crack this case, Josh.

  5. Josh Oswald says :

    Thanks, JTH!


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