I have no desire to see Avatar…sorry to those who love it. What I think is really strange, though, is that I love Twilight, Buffy, Dollhouse, Firefly, and other sci-fi stuff, but when it comes to fantasy I say, “No, thank you.”

Am I the only one?


5 responses to “Avatar”

  1. JT says :

    Did you stick with Dollhouse? I couldn’t… I thought that the dialogue was too boring and didn’t have the same Whedon flair that Firefly and Dr. Horrible did. Plus I don’t think Dushku was ready to carry a show. Tis a shame!

    Avatar wasn’t a great movie, but seeing it in 3D was a neat experience. Amazing to think that maybe someday all movies will be like that!!!

  2. Kelly says :

    Jayne, you need to see Avatar!! I don’t like fantasy or sci-fi, but this movie was awesome!! I would actually classify it a sci-fi/love story!!!!

  3. Nick says :

    Whoa, whoa….how is Twilight and Firefly not fantasy?

  4. Josh Oswald says :

    I refuse to see Avatar for spite.


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