A Gift for Me!

I have been on the hunt for a travel coffee mug for quite some time. It seems like a simple task on the outside, but it’s not…No metal on the inside (makes the coffee taste funny), I don’t like a handle, and no mugs with decorative paper thingys on the inside (water get in there and ruins prettiness). And I’m usually not this high maintenance!

Well, on Thursday my search ended. Josh walked in the door with a huge smile on his face and said, “I’ve got something for you!” Then he pulled out the Bed Bath and Beyond sack and inside was this mug:



It’s perfect…no metal, no place for water to get where it’s not supposed to, and no handle. And he picked the pink one! Thanks honey!


6 responses to “A Gift for Me!”

  1. thecatsman says :

    Thoughtful fellow I hope he got a well deserved big hug and smooch….

  2. Kelly says :

    what the heck was josh doing at bbb?

  3. Mom Oz says :

    Josh, I didn’t know you shopped at BB&B! I’m impressed!

  4. Lucas says :

    Well Mrs. Kelly to answer your question, he was steered there by a coworker who knows a thing or two about the finer things in life….This travel mug is no exception. Welcome to the club Jayne.

  5. Josh Oswald says :

    Update: Joshua T. Oswald has just received the Best Husband Ever Award.


  6. 'unc tj says :

    This is so much like “Seinfeld”, it scares me. You all are part of the show and I bet Jayne and Josh are not even paying minimum. Do you really think they are that lovey? Oh, sorry….my bad.

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