The Meaning of ‘Jayne’

One of the ‘things’ on Facebook this week was to post the meaning of your name from Urban Dictionary. I decided to see what all the fuss was about…well, I actually didn’t believe my name would actually be in the dictionary. Here’s what I found:

An oft-misspelled girls’ name. Jaynes are usually wildly intelligent and crafty. Likely to take over the world using robot ninja powers and cunning.
Sample Sentence: I am Jayne, ruler of the universe.
I laughed out loud!

2 responses to “The Meaning of ‘Jayne’”

  1. Lucas says :

    1. lucas
    Super-Badass kid. Usually does incredibly stupid things. All around leader. Extremely attractive and cool.

    Kid: Wow, he’s such a Lucas.
    Other Kid: I know right

  2. Karen says :

    And you wondered why we named you ‘Jayne’?

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