Happy Birthday, Lady Bug Man!

It’s a few hours early, but I wanted to be the first to wish Jere Happy 30th Birthday! Jere (aka Lady Bug Man) just so happens to be one of the most favorite people in my life…he is funny (see sample below), a great conversationalist, cooks, and a great Pepper partner… Unfortunately, Jere and his wife, Becky (another one of my most favorite people!), live in Maine and we don’t get to see them much so we can’t celebrate the BIG 3-0 with him.

Here’s to you, JTH, we hope you have a great birthday!


Ladybug Suit Jere (by Jere himself)
When Jere finds a Ladybug Suit he aquires special powers!  After running at a high speed and filling up the P meter he will be able to fly by quickly and repeatedly hitting the A button; along the same lines, he can slowly glide down to the ground from high distances by pressing the A button to flap his wings.  Also, Ladybug Suit Jere is invincible against all aphid enemies, so he can defeat them by running into them instead of jumping on their heads.  When damaged, or once the amounts of copious amounts of alcohol wear off, Ladybug Suit Jere will turn back into normal Jere.

If you liked this sampling of Jere’s writing, visit his blog, to read more of his hilarity. Maybe if enough people visit he will start writing again!


One response to “Happy Birthday, Lady Bug Man!”

  1. Josh Oswald says :

    Happy birthday, CIL!


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