Wednesday Ice Storm

For those that aren’t in Iowa right now, here’s what’s happening. It looks and sounds like rain…but it’s not!

10am: at work

It was barely raining when I got to work this morning. But I left at 10:30am to a down pour of sleet. Just turned the car on for about 5 minutes and all was good. It wasn’t as slick as I thought it would be, but still slow going.

Front step: layer of sleet

Now that I’m home, I think I’ll back some bread, work on the laundry, finish my book….maybe I should do a little work too!


3 responses to “Wednesday Ice Storm”

  1. Mom (Karen) says :

    Slip-slidin’ away….

    Today is better, but I’m ready to see the sun!

  2. Nick says :

    You’re writing a book?…..oh, i get it…

  3. Mom Oz says :

    Karen, I thought of that Simon & Garfunkel song too!

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