Am I too organized?

I love Christmas shopping…in fact, I love buying gifts for any occasion. Planning starts on January 1 for the the year’s gift giving, partly because it helps with budgeting, but mostly because I NEED that organization and planning. I create two seperate spreadsheets, one for birthday/weddings/anniversaries and the other is Christmas and the lists go everywhere with me. As I pick up a gift, it get’s written on the corresponding list.

Christmas is a little more complicated…more people and more money! So I try and spread out my shopping throughout the year with a goal of finishing by Thanksgiving, I usually get 75% of the way done.  This year I’m finishing my shopping with Mom on Friday so I had to get organized (there’s that word again!). I spread out all the gifts I’ve gotten on the spare bed, sorted in rows by the Christmas that they go to. Then, I made a list of what I still need to get. I transferred the needs list to another spreadsheet so I could carry it with me on my Blackberry. Now I’ve got 3 lists!

With list in hand I will conquer my Christmas list!

Am I the only weirdo out there? I would love to know how you stay organized with gift giving and prevent yourself from overspending.


6 responses to “Am I too organized?”

  1. Alyssa says :

    I am the complete opposite! I admire your organization.

  2. Mom (Karen) says :

    I think you inherited it from me….lists, the ‘Christmas staging bedroom’ (no peeking), etc. I’d spend TONS more if I didn’t have me list.

  3. Nick says :

    I have a list as well….but not as fancy….its on a sticky note.

  4. Carol says :

    I make lists to make lists . . . . . . .

    Grandma K.

  5. Stephanie says :

    I do the same thing I have three lists – Steve’s Family – My family and Steve! I have to do the same thing. Then it transfers as I wrap the gifts to another list with the total spent on each person. I don’t think your crazy – it is a ton to organize. :0) Happy shopping!

  6. Heather says :

    I knew you were one of a kind! I love it! Teach my thy ways……you can never be too organized::)

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