Oh Christmas Tree

Since we’ve added Miss Zoey to our family we have opted not to put up a real tree. You know: big dog + little space = bad news of Griswold proportion! 

Last year I did nothing and really, REALLY missed that key Christmas decoration…and the smell! So, this year I put up an old wire tree I purchased sometime in college. I added a few of my favorite ornaments, but it just isn’t the same. The stockings are hung, the wreath is up, and a few ornaments are in place…it looks like Christmas. Isn’t it amazing how much a tree can enhance the Christmas season.

Maybe next year we can go cut down a tree again!


2 responses to “Oh Christmas Tree”

  1. Kelly says :

    just an fyi….when we had zoey, we put up a real tree. she was scared to death of it and avoided it like the plague…tell josh to get you a real tree!!!

  2. Mom (Karen) says :

    Maybe a little live greenery on the stair railing?

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