Fiercely Loyal

HandsToday I was told I’m a very loyal person and when someone messes with a person I care about it really bothers me. I thought about that all the way home…it’s true! I think at times it could be to a fault.

I do remember one instance where someone was not nice to one of my co-workers, I got really fired up, and I think I was bothered by it most of the day. Looking back on it, I feel bad because I let it affect me so much that it changed my whole demeanor for the day and ultimately affected my interactions with other co-workers.

I think I need to work on how I let outside forces affect my behavior and if it bothers me that much, then I just need to politely confront that person.

Basically, the moral of the story is, don’t mess with my friends/family because it won’t make me happy and it will take a while for me to forgive you.


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