Trader Joe’s

Have you been? It’s only the coolest store (outside of Ikea, Crate and Barrel, and the Von Maur shoe room) I’ve ever been that doesn’t have a location in Iowa. Mom and I made a trip while in Atlanta and just had to ship a few items back with us.

It’s a little difficult to explain exactly what Trader Joe’s really is, but it’s like an organic grocery store, but they have their own brand of products and a great wine selection. For those that have been to one, feel free to expand on my horrid description!

Mom and I are smitten with the shaving lotion, the cat cookies (just shaped like cats, not actually cat food), and I was able to find larger bags of raw sunflower seeds and pine nuts two key ingredients for a salad I make that I have a hard time finding at Hy-Vee (and not costing an arm and a leg). My newest discovery was the instant pudding. I haven’t actually tried it, but I just LOVED the packaging.



2 responses to “Trader Joe’s”

  1. Mom (Karen) says :

    Trader Joe’s is always a treat – probably because we don’t have one in Iowa. Their products are reasonably priced and most I’ve tried are very good.

    I’m still waiting for my box to arrive!

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