Out Smarted…maybe!

Misc 007Who knew that having a dog would be so difficult…it certainly didn’t seem this difficult when I was growing up with dogs.

Ever since we returned from Door County, WI Zoey has had issues. She was sick the weekend we were gone (not pleasant sick) and it took almost the whole week to recover. We were feeding her rice, with special dog food until ‘things’ were back to normal. Then, Saturday it all went down hill! She has been skipping meals and all sorts of funny things…but, her demeanor and play have been normal. What to do…We tried rice again (nothing), we tried egg (worked for 1 meal), and soggy food (nothing). She just looked at her bowl and then at us for something more appetizing…maybe a steak?!

Finally, I headed to the trusty internet which never leads us astray (we are NOT going to the vet!). Suggestions included using stainless steel bowls, cleaning food/water bowls, buying a new bag of dog food b/c you might have a bad ‘batch,’ and reducing the amount of food. So we tried the bowls and new food…

SCORE! Chalk one in the win column for the humans because she didn’t even bat an eye at her food tonight. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!


2 responses to “Out Smarted…maybe!”

  1. Tom says :

    Well she ate good this morning. So did I. But I really ate good last night – good company too!

  2. Nick says :

    So, you guys bought a bad “batch”? Weird…

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