Men and Capris

capris-men-186x248At the mall this afternoon I saw a guy with capri pants.  I did a double take just to make sure he wasn’t wearing pants that were just a bit short or maybe even really long shorts…nope they were CAPRIs!

Ugh, I can’t believe his wife let him go out of the house like that let alone walk around the mall with him!


One response to “Men and Capris”

  1. 'unc tj says :

    Back in the day, when your folks were young, those were not called capri pants. They are really called “high-water pants”.
    I suppose because, when they walked 4 miles to school, uphill both ways, it was easier to cross the creek and keep their jeans dry. ;=) Girls wore mini-skirts and did not have that concern.
    So, you see, you girls stole it from us. That dude is just old-fashioned, not a girly-guy.

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