New Sheets

sheetsSince we bought our new bed in January, I’ve been noticing that the elastic in our fitted sheets has been stretched because of the thicker mattress and just not doing the job of a fitted sheet.  I decided it was time for some new sheets.

Sheets are rediculously expensive!  I went through The Comany Store online, JC Penny, Kohl’s, and Target searching for the best price for a nice set of sheets.  I ended the search at Target between a set of organic cotton and a sateen set.  I went home with the sateen, washed them up, and last night they went on the bed.  The minute I tucked myself in last night I hated them!  They are not soft and luxurious like I wanted. 

I’m very dissapointed and I can hear Josh right know thinking, “you’re not buying more sheets, we’re using these!”


7 responses to “New Sheets”

  1. Kelly says :

    4 words…Bed, Bath and Beyond….GREAT sheets!

  2. Mom Oz says :

    I bought the set of organic cotton pillowcases at Target & love them, so soft! But for the sheets, I agree – BB&B is definitely the place to go! It is the only store around here that offers sheets (higher than 200 thread count) that are not in sets. To replace those icky new sheets (& wasn’t that a bummer), I recommend doing what I do – get them one at a time! Buy the pillow cases or the fitted sheet first, since the softer sheets will cost more. In a few weeks get the top sheet. You can even mix & match colors! Top sheets make great drop cloths for painting, or cut them up for rags!

  3. The Oswald's says :

    You’re not buying new sheets, we’re using these!


  4. Tom says :

    Jayne, I warned you Josh has a mean streak – let him sleep on straw and see how he likes it.

  5. Mom Oz says :

    I think Zoey would like them!

  6. Nick says :

    I bought mine from BB&B too! It was pricy, but worth it!

  7. Carol says :

    I agree that some of the stuff out there called ‘sheets’ is almost criminal. I can’t imagine how any manufacturer can put their names on them or why stores thinks they are good enough for their customers. Even the baddest of the bad aren’t cheap.

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