Oh, the water!

This was the scene last night at the Oswald house at about 8pm.  We realized water was coming into our basement/garage and frantically pulled everything out of the storage closet and started the wet/dry vac up.  There was standing water in the closet and laundry area, as well as a steady stream of water (pictured) in two places.

The cause: the neighbors toilet was overflowing and in a mear 2 hours caused water to pour down two levels of their townhouse into the garage and thus into our basement.  The water created a 5×7 foot hole in their kitchen ceiling.    I didn’t see it myself, but Josh couldn’t believe the amount of damage that occured in just 2 short hours.

Josh’s lesson of the night: when you go out of town, if just for a night, TURN OFF YOUR WATER!


One response to “Oh, the water!”

  1. Nick says :

    Mercy! That sucks!

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