Card Party

ist2_853379-hearts-aloneLast night we enjoyed a fun evening with family and friends for a card party extravaganza.  Josh’s cousins from Hawaii and Maine were in town so it was a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with them and celebrate with cards!

For our card parties, we enjoy playing Pepper, which is similar to Euchre.  We rotate between 2-3 tables depending on the group size and usually playing well into the wee hours of the morning.  Pepper is definitely a crowd pleaser and easy for anyone to pick up with just a few practice hands.  The youngest member of our card party was 9 and she dominated the last few games!  Although I had a really great partner, last night was not my night to shine. 😦

Looking forward to the next card party!


2 responses to “Card Party”

  1. J.T. says :

    Pepper is a wonderful game, isn’t it? But I just wish you would have spoken more of this “great partner” you only briefly mentioned… sounds like he (Herbert) deserves a lot more press!

  2. JTO says :

    Nice Big Pepper hand there!


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