New Look

I was bored with the current look of the blog, taking the day off from work, and thought I would try out something new.  Haven’t really found anything I love and then I lost my special picture header CB made for me.  Now I’m stuck until I beg her to make me a new blog header….


5 responses to “New Look”

  1. Cindy says :

    This looks GREAT!

    • The Oswald's says :

      Thanks Cindy! I think it’s growing on me. Sometimes I want something a little more unique than just the standard templates.

  2. Nick says :

    It looks good!

  3. buntens says :

    All you have to do is say “pretty please.” You know I’d be happy to help…you picture’s probably still in your folder on the server at work.

  4. Karen says :

    Wow! I was surprised when I brought up your site! I like it, but understand wanting the unique look. Good thing you have a creative friend!

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