Christmas Re-cap

I have been a horrible blogger to end 2014. It was a crazy last couple of months, but I’m hoping to be a bit more regular for 2015.

We had a blast this year with Isaac for Christmas. He really got into the whole opening of gifts, but didn’t really care about the contents. He just loved pulling off that paper and than yanking stuff out of boxes. Of course, we didn’t get a family photo captured…oh well.

So much to be thankful for in 2014!






Pumpkin Patch

I was able to join Isaac’s daycare for a trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday….what a fun way to spend the morning!

These two are trouble in the making!

These two are trouble in the making!

Absolutely loved going down the slide

Absolutely loved going down the slide

IMG_2255 IMG_2268 IMG_2273

Unhappy Isaac

For those that think Isaac is always smiley and happy, this is what an not so nice Isaac looks like:


He was home all week last week with a high fever and then a rash. I’m pretty sure at this moment I was closing a bathroom door…clearly his world was rocked!

I’m still here….I promise!

Wowza, this last month has been quite the whirlwind. Between work and home, I’ve been scrambling to keep on top of everything and, well, the blog updates slipped… A LOT!

Here’s what’s happened the last month:

He chose to eat his cake with a fork.

Isaac’s First Birthday: He chose to eat his cake with a fork.

One Year photo session

One Year photo session

First haircut!

First haircut!

Hawkeye football

Hawkeye football

Quick trip to Wisconsin for some New Glarus beer....and a friends wedding!

Quick trip to Wisconsin for some New Glarus beer….and a friends wedding!

I need to take a cue from my friend Cindy and start blogging from my phone so I can keep on top of my blogging.

Isaac’s latest shenanigans

Now that we have a walker, Isaac is everywhere and into everything. There is no stopping him.




MIA blogger

I’ve been swamped at work this last month with the planning of my biggest event of the year. This event took place on Friday and was a huge success…despite the last minute location change.

Just a few quick pictures:




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