Sweet corn!

Isaac enjoyed his first taste of sweet corn tonight and seemed to love it!

The first of many summer rites of passage as an Iowa boy.

Monday’s are tough

Isaac and his buddy Graysen needed a quick power nap before lunch today.



I stumbled on the J.Crew online Factory outlet store today while reading one of my favorite blogs….DANGER! I did pick up a couple of things without breaking the bank. If only Isaac were big enough for their boys clothes. :-)

Chalk Bomb!

Our wonderful neighbors snuck over last night and chalk bombed us with a super sweet message!

We’ve got some great neighbors, love them!

Pool time fun

I picked up an inexpensive pool at the store this week and we tested it out this weekend.


He seemed to enjoy it, but really only lasted about 10 minutes.


We spent the 4th of July in Colorado with quite a bit of Josh’s extended family. The three of us spent our first day in Denver and then heading north to Loveland (near Estes Park) for the remaining vacation.

We visited the Denver zoo, hiked, Josh ran a 5K, toured some local breweries, relaxed and enjoyed time together with family.

We had such a great time, Isaac was a trooper and really enjoyed meeting everyone…especially his great grandma!

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Look who’s 9 months old!

Gone are the days of a nice monthly photo…he’s not sitting still anymore, this little guy has his hands on and into everything!

He had a big month…decided to crawl, clap and cut a tooth all in one week! He added another tooth a week or so later and also recovered from the never ending ear infection, hand/foot/mouth disease, and a cold.

Isaac is much better at feeding himself and using the sippy cup. We’re working on silverware too! He eats pretty much anything and everything. His favorite is still yogurt and we’ve added toast to that list as well. Among other things, we’ve introduced him to a household favorite-peanut butter!

He’s still quite the talker with his ba-ba-bas and da-da-das, but has added ga-ga-ga. He’s also started playing peek-a-boo and we’re working on ‘how big is Isaac.’

Once he mastered the crawling, he decided to try his hand at pushing chairs, cars, trucks, boxes, etc around the room. Now he’s on to pulling himself up on anything. The kid has NO fear…Mr Adventure!

He may be hard to keep up with, but it sure is fun watching him explore, test his boundaries and try new things.


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